* Zest of 8 lemons

* 1 Bottle (750 cc) of pure grain alcohol (70-90%)
(Everclear is the brand 90% is not legal in all states.)

*  3-1/2 cups of white sugar

*  750 cc of water


Wash the lemons.


Zest the lemons, avoiding the pith (the white part) which has a bitter flavor.  Use a vegetable peeler or a zester or even a knife.


Put the lemon zest in the alcohol, and let it macerate for two to seven days. Cap the bottles and keep them out of the sun.


After the lemon essence has entered the alcohol, make a sugar syrup.  Boil the water, turn the flame off and then add the sugar.  Stir until the sugar is dissolved.  (If necessary, you can add a little more heat but be careful not to scorch the sugar.) 


Let it cool. 


Strain the lemon zest out of the alcohol.


Combine the alcohol and the sugar syrup. 


When it is completely cool, bottle the limoncello. 


You can store it in the freezer and serve it really cold.  Limoncello is often served chilled after a meal as a digestif.