I looked through your box of recipes and mine... and did not find the coffee cake recipe.


However, I have made it a number of times... and this is what I remember:


1 Box Hot Roll Mix


Mom used to make it the night before and let it rise once.  She put it in the refrigerator over night.


In the morning she punched it down and with flowered hands and board she rolled out the dough.




Chopped nuts

Almond paste (she used the paste rather than the filling, although I've used that too).

Brown sugar


Mom took soft butter (she used margarine) and dotted the dough.  Then she added the paste, nuts and brown sugar.


Loosely rolled it up and arranged it into a ring.


She let it rise again (to approximately double in size)... and baked.


The fine details like oven temperature etc. I do not remember.