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Key Personnel
Aquatecnics was founded by Ed Rhodes in 1996.  Ed's aquaculture career stretches back to 1959 when he began part time work on shellfish culture for the Federal Bureau of Commercial Fisheries that was later reorganized as part of NOAA.  He first worked with the staff at the Milford Connecticut Laboratory that was directed by Victor Loosanoff, and included Harry Davis, Rene Ukeles, Clyde Mackenzie, Warren Landers and Paul Chanley.  After college, Ed returned to work for BCF/NOAA doing research on many practical aspects of shellfish culture.  He took a year or so off from the Feds in 1969-1970 to work in private aquaculture growing shrimp, pompano and spiny lobsters for Inmont Corporation (later Carrier) in the Florida keys and then for Long Island Oyster Farms in Northport, New York where he was in charge of larval production in a very large shellfish hatchery. He returned to Milford and NOAA in 1970 and remained there until 1990 when he left to start a large scallop aquaculture operation in Chile that is still running strong.  After Chile, Ed worked in Mexico developing hatchery and grow-out techniques for pen shells.  In 1997 he returned to NOAA, taking the position as Aquaculture Coordinator for the National Marine Fisheries Service.  Ed retired from NOAA in the fall of 2001, and moved back to Connecticut to resume running Aquatecnics and as the Executive Director of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association.  In 2007, he began working as the Co-Director of the Aquaculture & Sustainability Division of Phillips Foods, Inc. He is currently Executive Director of the NFI Crab Council.  Ed's CV

Kathy Rhodes has worked in marine science for more than 35 years, since receiving her Masters of Science from the University of New Hampshire. She has worked in consulting, research, education and aquaculture production. She served as the first Public Participation Coordinator for the Long Island Sound Study. She was on the small team that assembled in Chile to establish the world’s largest scallop farm in Chile where she had the responsibility of setting up the algal culture system. As Hatchery Manager for Cultivos Marinos Internacionales, she oversaw the work of 35 employees and maintained an average monthly production of ten million 5-mm “seed” scallops. Toward the end of her seven-year tenure there, she took on the role of Director of Community Relations and Training, writing the general training protocol for the company and interpreting HAACP/ISO 9000 guidelines for the hatchery standard operating procedures manual. Later, she taught natural resource management at the School for Field Studies’ Center for Wetlands Study in Baja, Mexico. She has worked in Human Resources for the Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development Network of the World Bank and as Director of Education for SoundWaters in Stamford, CT. She now serves as Administrative Assistant for the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association.  Kathy's CV

Some Of The Stuff We Have Done And Are Doing
We've done a lot, and some of the things we can talk about will be posted here shortly. 

Other People We Work With
We are associated with some very good people who can help out in areas where we need additional expertise.  We are especially proud of our relationship with HTH, a company with broad experience in the area of aquaculture engineering.

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