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Coquille Catering

HTH Aquaculture

Welcome to Aquatecnics!
Aquatecnics is an aquaculture consulting firm with extensive experience in the U.S. and abroad.  Although we view shellfish aquaculture as our specialty, we work with projects for fish, shrimp, algae, abalone and more.  We are here to help you plan your aquaculture project or investment, assist with expansion, work with you to obtain funding, deal with local, state or federal agencies, or troubleshoot your production problems.  Try us!  We trust that you will find our services top notch and affordable.


oysters and clams on plates

Farm-raised oysters and clams

Seafood Sustainability
Sustainability in fisheries and aquaculture have become main stage. We have experience at the ngo, government and private sector levels and have recently worked with a major US company to direct their efforts in sustainable seafood sourcing. If you are a production company exploring certification or a seafood purchaser or distributor putting together a seafood sustainability program that makes sense we can help.


gravid red-claw lobster

Gravid red-claw lobster in Ecuador


Aquaculture is our specialty, and we are on top of nearly every development in the field.  We can help you evaluate aquaculture investments, assist in making underperforming companies more profitable, do species and site selection, and design, build and start-up new or expanded facilities.  Our experience in government can also be helpful to you in obtaining aquaculture permits and in seeking federal and state financing.

Our goal is to help you improve your bottom line.  We are unabashedly optimistic about aquaculture, but want to help you do it right.  Not every idea is a winner, and we are very proud of our motto:
"Just because you can grow something is no reason to do it!"


Cobia - one hot button aquaculture species

Clambakes too!
In addition to producing aquaculture products, we like to eat them too!  Coquille Catering is part of the Aquatecnics family, and does traditional New England clambakes.  Impress your friends and relatives with a spectacular event built around one of our clambakes and leave them with memories that will last a lifetime!  For more information on our services, and to see some photos of a clambakers in action, click on the Coquille button to the left.


adding lobsters to the bake
Puttin' on the lobsters!