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Coquille Catering
Traditional Clambakes, Exceptional People

Coquille Catering can bring a traditional New England clambake to your backyard and turn any occasion into a truly memorable event.  The taste and quality of seafood and veggies cooked over a wood fire is unsurpassed, and we do the whole spectacular "show" in front of your guests.  We have done "bakes" for as few as 20 people, and as many as 150, and we are ready to accommodate even larger groups.  Let us help you plan your next party, and make it a very special event !


The Maine Ingredient!

Clambakes are a wonderful tradition in New England.  We can put on a "bake" at any location you choose, and we take care of everything from start to finish.  The centerpiece of our clambakes is a wood fire that supplies the heat we need to steam all of the food to perfection in a bed of seaweed.  Our typical menu starts with a clam chowder, includes lobster, steamer clams, mussels, salmon, sausages, corn-on-the-cob, red bliss potatoes, onions, coleslaw and eggs (really!), and finishes with a berry shortcake on home-made biscuits.

Pricing depends a bit on the size of your group, and on the market price for lobsters, but if you think $65 per person you probably won't be disappointed.  For a price quote and date availability, send us a message using the contact link on the left side of this page.


Puttin' on the lobsters!

Half of the fun of a clambake comes from building it.  We start with a layer of seaweed, then add eggs (hey, it works!) followed by all the veggies, then the clams, mussels and lobsters, topped with the salmon and sausage and then finished off with a mountain of seaweed.  We encourage active participation by your guests, both to layer on the stuff, and to help in "picking" the bake after it's cooked to perfection.

We have tons of photos of clambakes in action, and we have put a few in a photo gallery.  Just click on Lobsterbake Photos to see them!


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